Business Analytical Solutions

Our business intelligence-based solutions serve the support and analytics needs of large corporations for customer portfolio management, relationship management, campaign management, customer retention and collections management. Our projects typically aim at the development and deployment of IT systems providing predictive analytical support to a given business area. System architectures are customized in order to ensure interoperability with existing basic company systems. A project may entail complete solution deliveries or partial solutions created on an individual basis.


Cash Management Optimizations

Our company has delivered cash-supply optimising solutions for banks managing ATMs and branches since 2005. The purpose of cash management optimisation systems is to ensure an adequate volume of cash available at branches and in ATM networks, while also minimising both surplus cash reserves and associated costs (transportation, processing, insurance and interest expenses). Data Solutions Ltd. takes pride in being a supplier of the business engine behind such systems.


Analytical Data Platform

Business intelligence solutions which leverage company data are becoming increasingly important as modern enterprise resource planning tools. The success of these solutions is fundamentally defined by the quantity, quality and structure of data available at the company as well as the installation time of these tools.
With the aim of speeding up the process of deployment and improving the efficiency of post-deployment operation, our colleagues have developed an analytical data platform comprising a logically structured, generalised database structure that is specific to each industry and suitable for a range of different scenarios. With the establishment of an analytical data platform the amount of time required for deployment could be reduced significantly.


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